Communication for All

Using PODD to bring a voice to individuals with complex communication needs



Let TEC bring over 30 years of classroom and in-home experience to your PODD training. Laura has worked as a special education teacher/consultant in multiple settings: in home with toddlers with disabilities,  early childhood special education classrooms, and classrooms for children and adults with moderate to severe cognitive impairments.

In 2017 she returned to the classroom and implemented AAC including PODD, Core Vocabulary and iPad based systems. She can show you how she created an academic focus on literacy and math in a classroom of four students with autism.  

Laura's presentation knowledge comes from a place of classroom experience and practice.


“Everyone has the right to have their voice heard.”

— laura taylor, FOUNDER


Lifelong Learner

Laura with Melissa Riepsamen, CPEC speech therapist.

Laura with Melissa Riepsamen, CPEC speech therapist.

Laura's opportunity to attend "Teaching Movements For Communication" developed by Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC) and hosted by Step-by-Step Early Intervention Society (Calgary, Alberta, CA) in August of 2015, served to open her eyes to the interconnected pathways of communication and movement. 

The ability to communicate comes in part through the ability to control the movements of the body to produce either speech or the necessary movement to activate an alternative/augmentative communication system. Developing those movements for communication must begin early in a child's life in order for them to achieve the best possible outcomes in their lives as adults.


Our Mission

Taylor Educational Consultants is committed to providing a voice to individuals with complex communication needs though high quality, professional PODD training and support.


A Customized Solution

A PODD 2-page opening book.  PODD can be low-tech or high-tech!

A PODD 2-page opening book.  PODD can be low-tech or high-tech!

PODD (Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display) is a robust low or high tech communication system used by persons with complex communication needs to communicate their genuine thoughts, ideas, opinions and so much more. Developed by Gayle Porter, PODD is introduced by communication partners using aided language input whereby partners use the PODD to model how the language is used by pointing out the symbols in the communication system all across the day in everyday activities. A PODD book can be customized for the individual. It can be printed on paper-no batteries necessary, or run on a tablet like an iPad.  PODD lets the individual say whatever they want!


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If you know someone with complex communication needs take action!  Please contact us to see if PODD can help.