Mid Year Classroom Update

Our school year is more than half over!  In September I moved back into the classroom and dedicated myself to providing receptive input on a daily basis to my students.

A little background: I taught preschool special education for many years during my career.  In that environment routine and repetition are very important. The students feel more at ease when they know what’s coming up next. They can actually focus on the learning and interactions when they’re not wondering “what are we doing?”.

I brought routine and repetition to my new classroom because students of every age need to know what’s happening each day. Routines allow them to focus on the learning instead of on “what’s next?”.  So I set up my classroom with a routine and a structure that would allow for learning, movement, and the development of communication throughout the day.

Remember the five core boards I posted around the classroom? They’ve expanded to other areas of the school!  There are two more in our multipurpose room (our “gym”) and one in the sensory room. Upon their first sighting of the core board in the multipurpose room, one student went over and immediately touched “good!”. Yes, indeed! It is good to have words everywhere!

Since December two of our students have begun using Proloquo2Go on iPads. We are seeing daily growth in their communication output. Recently, while talking with my students about the day and date, I asked if anyone could tell me the date.  One student (independently) navigated from the home page of Proloquo2Go to “time”, “days of the week,” and touched Sunday. Though it wasn’t Sunday, we were ecstatic that he navigated on his own in order to respond to the question!

Here’s hoping that your students are making progress too! Every day brings a new adventure in learning!